Bookkeeping, Accounting, Finance & Back-office Services

Bookkeeping & manage monthly close cycle and activities

By outsourcing your Bookkeeping accounting finance back-office to us you can save time and money, streamline your finance department, maintain your focus on your business and enjoy access to leading expertise.

Every business big or small can benefit from our bookkeeping services…..

Account receivable management

Your Accounts Receivable process needs to be foolproof, to ensure that the time between completing projects and receiving full payments is made quicker than possible. By improving your Accounts Receivable, you boost your cash flow immediately, allowing your business to grow in other ways.

Account payable management

We’re here to help you develop and maintain an Accounts Payable process that works for your business. No two businesses are alike, and so every business needs their own tailored AP process that maximizes their cash flow and capital.
Our accountants take into consideration every factor and variable. We understand the importance of keeping your cash flow steady and transparent, as even a single late payment can accrue you heavy fines and harm your reputation. With consistency and professionalism behind every payment you make, you can begin to create with vendors and clients, creating bonuses for all parties.

Bank account & credit card reconciliation

Most businesses have to sign a lot of checks, receive numerous receipts from their customers and make thousands of bank deposits on a regular basis. At the same time, it’s not uncommon for some of those financial transactions to accumulate unchecked. Within a month, if not taken care of or recorded in the right way, your business account may get out of balance. It is essential to avert such problems before they set in motion.

We fully understand. That’s the reason why, as an important part of our offerings, we at Finance Ality provide end-to-end bank and credit card reconciliation services to businesses across the globe.

Invoicing & payment receive match

Is your business (B2B / B2C) unable to achieve high efficiency in invoice processing because of the lack of time or resources? Invoice processing plays a critical role in your company’s future, as incorrect invoices can have a great impact on your enterprise’s rankings and customer satisfaction metrics. With outsourcing invoice processing, your organization can benefit from better business operations with regular, timely and accurate invoice management.

Reconciling payroll benefits and other general ledger accounts

Managing Payroll has been always a challenging and time consuming task. With online payroll management system integrated with time attendance system, you can manage your company payroll in a more efficient way. Once the payroll is generated, every employee will be able to see their payslip, tax payable, insurances, provident fund, etc. This will ensure swift communication regarding payroll in the company.

Maintains the company's fixed asset and depreciation

If you’re like most companies, the process of managing and reconciling fixed assets every period stands out as an area of administrative burden and glaring inefficiency. But there’s a better way!   Finance Ality We help our clients ‐ both large and small ‐ manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle from acquire to retire.

This would involve the following tasks and deliverables:

• Assessment of FAR (Fixed Assets Register) & accounting records.
• Monthly review of assets added, transferred and removed in view of updating the FAR.
• Database maintenance and completeness.
• Posting of depreciation amounts within the FAR.
• Standard and ad-hoc Reports.

Budgeting, forecasting & dashboard preparations

Budgeting is how the overall plan will be executed month to month, specifying expenditures and  Forecasting – uses accumulated historical data to predict financial outcomes for future months or years. We do all for you because we care you.

Financial statements review and analysis

We provide Financial statement analysis which involves gaining an understanding of an organization’s financial situation by reviewing its financial reports. The results can be used to make investment and lending decisions. Just by taking review of it, one can take most important and effective decisions about company.

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“Tackling Finance in-house requires serious resources and scaling. Mr Atif and his team is dedicated and delivered on all promises they made… We’ve appreciated the level of personal commitment shown by Finance Ality.”

Mr. Dan Roomison

“The finance services provided by Finance Ality is very well thought through. The services are well presented and logical to understand.”

Mr. Adam

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